About us - Design Buffet


As design is essentially a problem-solving process, anyone can be designers. Indeed, marketers can design digital strategies, HR can design corporate cultures, and CEO can design new revenue streams. When it comes with marketing and communication, however, design is mostly regarded as visual communication solutions.

How such visuals should look in a promotional tools that attract intended audience is quite a subjective matter. Yet, we entrust graphic designers to realize our visions, with the hope that they get it right. It’s a commitment that requires an investment of money and time – a necessary burden that businesses “have to” take on.

What if we can point designers to the direction we want? What if we can do all the thinking and reduce the design effort down to labour work only? Design Buffet is the service model created to help you do just that – guiding you through design thinking process and select the design style suitable to your strategies. Imagine attending a buffet where you can self-serve a wide range of delicious food and exotic wines as much as you can handle.

The Buffet in our service models refers to the “meals” of diverse art styles and graphical assets that can be utilized for visual design solutions, hence the name. Leveraging technology, client’s expertise and agency visual finesse, Design Buffet will produce design solutions that are quick, affordable and most importantly, deliver communication values.